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The English Garden5 min de lectureArchitecture
Poppy Love
The silken, blood-red blooms of the corn poppy, so emblematic of the fragility of life but also hope and rebirth, typify this botanically uniform family. Two sepals protect the developing bud until they split apart and fall, revealing a tight ball of
The English Garden2 min de lectureArchitecture
Seeds of Change
If we are to take away one practical lesson from gardening during a pandemic, perhaps it should be ‘order your seeds early’. Back in spring 2020, when it seemed as if the entire nation had turned into gardeners, mail order seed suppliers were inundat
The English Garden5 min de lectureArchitecture
We should all try to avoid the phrase ‘quintessentially English’ since it is massively overused and, to be honest, quite annoying. But if you put me in a half nelson and insisted, then I can think of nowhere else that fits that particular bill quite