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Flyboy 1916 Midnight Wristwatch

During World War I, French fighter pilot Dieudonné Costes fought in countless dogfights with enemy planes. Timing was essential to victory, and the world’s first multifunction wristwatches forever changed air combat. They allowed pilots to execute complicated maneuvers and coordinate attacks. After the Great War, Costes, navigating the pitch black skies over the South Atlantic, soared across several time zones from Senegal to Brazil, while setting the record for the world's first nonstop flight across the South Atlantic.

The Stauer Flyboy 1916 Midnight pays tribute to early aviators, featuring a stunning dial set in a case fused in warm rose gold. Three tachymeters and a movable bezel measure speed and ascent, and the chronograph functions allow you to measure elapsed time. Interior complications mark minutes and hours and include a 24-hour display. Water resistant to 10 atmospheres, this beautiful timepiece features a crocodile-embossed, genuine leather band. Every aspiring ace needs one up their sleeve. $149


Wing Desks and Tables

What do you get for the aviation enthusiast who has everything? Something they had no idea was even available! MotoArt crafts a truly astounding array of contemporary home and office furniture by repurposing actual aircraft components. The collection has everything from lamps made of radial engine pistons, to desks made from aileron panels, to this exquisite custom conference table that was made from the wing of a real Boeing-Stearman biplane! These tables are custom-built to fit your conference room and can be any size

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Hobby Hacks
When you have to make long, straight cuts in balsa sheeting, like when you repair wings, your ruler can slip and ruin the cut, or worse, injure yourself. A simple trick is to use a suitably long sanding bar. I attach the sandpaper so one edge is clea
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The Tradition Lives On!
Despite the expected fewer participants, the 2020 Top Gun Rubber-Power Free-Flight mass launch event was fun as always. Dave Platt started holding this early morning scale flyoff way back in the beginning years of Top Gun. Entry is open to Top Gun pa
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Lockheed Model 10 Electra
This ⅛-scale scratch-built model is the same type of plane Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared in 1937. Mark shares that he built the plane for his club’s winter building contest, starting by enlarging plans from an image he found online.