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Every so often a book comes along and changes the way you think about life. is one of those. It is a parable really, a novel to make you think about the

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly1 min de lecture
His Defining ’80s Roles
1985: Despite feeling like an outsider, Andrew says, “I loved the movie and I loved the part.” 1986: “Molly [Ringwald] and I had a lovely chemistry,” he says of his rom-com co-star. 1987: “It has such a sweet heart,” says Andrew of his fantasy
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly5 min de lecture
JEREM Y’S LITTLE JOKERS Comedy Runs In Our Family
Once dubbed the Godfather of New Zealand Comedy, it’s no surprise that Jeremy Corbett likes a good laugh. The 7 Days host confesses he tried “serious” drama as a youngster – and it went down like a lead balloon! “When I performed, I didn’t know if th
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min de lecture
WOMEN IN FILM Courage of Cousins
It’s no secret there’s been a long, hard battle in Hollywood for women to get the recognition and roles they deserve – and here in Aotearoa women in film have been fighting a similar battle. Two New Zealanders at the forefront of that movement are co