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Hearing Loss In Babies May Be Congenital (at Birth) Or Acquired.
* Some Genetic (familial) conditions cause deafness – if there is a family history * Infections (toxoplasma, rubella, CMV) in early pregnancy * Birth defects that affect the formation of the cochlea or hearing nerve * High jaundice * Birth hypoxia (l
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Sweet Something
Shilpa Sawant, Is a Mumbai-based architect, founder of Astitva Architects and her own venture, SAS Design. In addition to sophisticated, aesthetic interiors, she has avid interest in the Origami, the Japanese paper art. She has been conducting Origam
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The Legal Aspect
India does not have a law or legislation governing surrogacy. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has set national guidelines to regulate surrogacy and has held commercial surrogacy legal in India. The process starts with pre-surrogacy lega