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1 Dear doctor, I have noticed that my toddler refuses to eat greens, so we have to camouflage it in order to feed him Most of the times he won’t notice but when he does, he throws

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Mother & Baby India3 min de lectureMedical
In The ‘Prick’ Of Health
WHY IS IMMUNISATION IMPORTANT? A child is born with poor immunity as compared to an adult, and is prone to a whole lot of diseases, caused by bacteria and viruses. Immunisation assures that your child gets protection and is prevented from suffering
Mother & Baby India3 min de lecture
Working mums 101
As a working mother, you may feel an enormous burden to make time for your child, not realising that it is day-to-day tasks that offer the best opportunities to create natural moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Simply reading a story to
Mother & Baby India6 min de lectureRelationships
Like A Boss!
Mum, entrepreneur and fashionista, 29 year-old Isha Kachru was quite the free-spirited, take-each-day-as-it-comes kind of girl in the city, until baby Zoella catwalked into her life and suddenly, everything took a 360 degree turn! “I want to laugh ha