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“Full effort is full victory.” —MAHATMA GANDHI

It’s a great pleasure to present in this issue the 15 prizewinning works. It’s just one example of the importance of confidence and persistence when it comes to one’s art, but it’s also worth noting that recognition and awards aren’t the only reasons for participating in juried exhibitions and competitions. Think of competitions primarily as motivational tools. They encourage artists to take the time to evaluate and reflect on their work and progress, and invite the kind of challenge that gives rise to growth. Surely, any artist who has pushed his or her work forward is a winner indeed.

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Caring For Canine Painting Companions
My dogs love the snow and will do anything to go with me whenever I head out to paint, but even dogs with the thickest fur can get cold during a long outdoor painting session. If you decide to bring your furry friend along on your next cold-weather p
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Still Life: Painting On Copper
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A Masterly Technique
When I first saw, as a freshman in art school, the portrait drawings of Hans Holbein the Younger, I immediately began to wonder how the artist could have captured likenesses with such apparent accuracy in so few lines. Over the years I was fortunate