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Work diary dilemmas

HERE’S A GREAT deal of frustration with work diaries. Many drivers feel trapped, forced to complete and carry a record that is later used as proof to impose fines. I’m sure most drivers wouldn’t feel so frustrated if the system was straight forward, but often the prosecutions are for honest mistakes made in the context of a difficult system.

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Aims Of May
A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO, Michael May was the head of Daimler Australia’s Mercedes-Benz truck and bus operations. A brand on the boil, kicking goals and much like the shrewd, mild-mannered May, secure in success. From the outside looking in, it appea
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Off Road Hi-rise
It’s more than a year since Hino announced a plan to launch its new 500-series GT 1528 4x4 model in the first half of 2020. Like its single-drive 500-series siblings, Hino emphasised that the new off-roader would be equipped with a wide range of bene
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Lights On For Volvo’s North American Electric Trucks
VOLVO TRUCKS NORTH AMERICA (VTNA) will start building battery electric vehicle (BEV) prime movers this year in the form of the Volvo VNR Electric model. The Class 8 trucks, the heaviest class in the US, are now commercially available in North America