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The return of my pigs from the butcher has finally given me a bit more variety in my cooking. The legs, neatly cut into 1kg joints, have been roasted to great acclaim, also slow cooked for more than seven hours in cider and ‘pulled’. I have managed to convince some neighbours, who have their own smoker, to smoke some of the joints to turn them into hams. Perhaps the smoky flavour is slightly overpowering but,

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Head For Glory
April has been a busy month. Not only did we have a good flurry of heads submitted to the service, but we also saw the amalgamation of Sporting Rifle and Shooting Times magazines. I’m sure this will be a great partnership. On the head front, we saw t
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Miroku MK11 Game sideplate £6,199
Miroku holds a unique position within modern manufacturing due to its relationship with Browning/Winchester. Miroku-made products hold the largest market share of any gun manufacturer in the US. This total dominance of the Browning brand across the U
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Seconds From Disaster
I am often guilty of not fully appreciating the world around me and that includes when I’m ferreting. I sometimes become so engrossed in the work itself, rather than switching off to enjoy the company of good friends in the field and the special plac