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I understand the… rule of six correctly, it is illegal for seven children to feed ducks but legal for 30 men to shoot ducks.” So read a letter to the Financial Times. Highlighting the apparent anomalies of various Government structures during the COVID-19 restrictions has provided all sorts of amusement for commentators.

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No More ‘Canned’ Lion Hunts
South Africa will ban the hunting of captive-bred lions but will not further restrict trophy hunting of wild species. The announcement follows the report by a panel of experts, who examined the role of hunting in conservation and the economy. It conc
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How To Win With Conservation And PR
The big new story in agrienvironment schemes and farmland conservation is farmer clusters — groups of neighbouring farmers working together to deliver landscape-scale conservation in a co-ordinated way. Over the past few years, this approach has achi
Shooting Times & Country2 min de lecture
Surge In Shoot Sales As Demand For Days Rises
Domestic demand for shooting may well outstrip supply by the time the 2021-22 season starts. However, worries over travel arrangements and the possibility of quarantine is putting overseas shooters off travelling to the UK. Growing optimism about an