Move Windows 10 license

I have three licenses attached to three computers. One is an OEM laptop. The other two are Pro licenses I purchased. It’s time to upgrade one of the Pro machines, which will be a full rebuild, making the jump from an Intel 6700K to AMD. How do I transfer the license? Thanks.


TechLife responds: The key is to link your Pro license to your Microsoft account as a digital license. Open “Settings > Update & Security > Activation” on the PC you’re replacing and check the activation status – if it simply says “Windows is activated with a digital license” you should see a prompt for “Add an account” – click this and follow the prompts to link it to your Microsoft account.

Once done, perform your rebuild and install Windows 10 in the usual way, remembering – if you had one – to enter the same product key during installation. After it’s done, head back  for what to do next.

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