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Let's Work
This is Shosh. A DJ plays music at birthday parties, weddings or in music venues. Shosh chooses the best songs and plays them one after the other to get people dancing. Shosh loves when her crowd dances wildly or makes ‘woop, woop’ sounds. It means t
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Let's Play
Which of these happy guitars is the odd one out? Can you please reunite each musician with their instruments? How many triangles can you count? Answer: 20 Go over the shaded letters to reveal Davinia’s message. Veronica the violin has lost her pal Ba
DOT Magazine1 min de lecture
DOT Magazine
DOT is made by Cathy Olmedillas, Anna Dunn, Ben Javens, Julia Staite, Mia Anderson Gaston Caba, Oscar Olmedillas, Marcos Farina and Max Low. DOT is available to buy online from It can also be found in all good independent bookshop