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Farmer's Weekly3 min de lectureMotivational
The Real Secret To Building A Great Family Business
Why do some families succeed so spectacularly at building and running a business, while others work their fingers to the bone and never really make it? There are numerous reasons for this. Some are in the right place at the right time and find, or st
Farmer's Weekly6 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Chilli Producer Achieves Success With Bio-farming
The declining profitability of sugar farming prompted Chris Roux, owner of Paradise Creek Farms in Hectorspruit, Malelane in Mpumalanga, to diversify his operation in 2016 by including sweet peppers. The following year, when his sons Antonie and Euge
Farmer's Weekly3 min de lecture
Agriculture Industry’s Growth Momentum Expected To Persist In 2021
Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought economic activity to a near standstill for the better part of last year, the agriculture sector presented a silver lining. Those with a vested interest in the sector will definitely be encouraged by the fact tha