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Montreal-based illustrator Katy Lemay chose a Top Design winner in her own city: Habitat 67, a modular concrete housing complex created by architect Moshe Safdie in 1967. (If you aren’t familiar with it, give it a Google. It will not disappoint.) It’
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Together But Separate
NOW: A glittering pool NEXT: Smaller, more intimate outdoor lounge areas WHY: “I think the public pool is gone. It’s a real space hog, it’s seasonal and expensive to put in, and pandemic-spurred rules and restrictions eliminate all the fun, impromp
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Clean Swap
Bye: Tide Pods Hello: Laundry powder from Evergreen’s Humble Suds Because: It’s effective, and none of its six ingredients are known to cause skin irritation or disrupt the body’s endocrine system. Bye: Disposable razor Hello: Eco Roots rose-gol