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Finding Support In Song
Alzheimer’s Society runs sociable group support sessions for people affected by dementia called Singing for the Brain. Groups are currently meeting online using Zoom or over the phone (Ring and Sing), due to social distancing guidelines – but you can
Woman's Weekly1 min de lecture
POTS Of Style
✣ Terracotta plant pot ✣ White chalk paint ✣ Mod Podge ✣ Black paint ✣ Paint palette ✣ Alphabet stamps ✣ Hot glue gun with glue ✣ Twine ✣ Compost ✣ Grit ✣ Plant of choice 1 Remove any dust or dirt from the plant pot. Apply the white chalk paint to t
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All hands ON DECK!
“Mr Dear could not have looked more shifty if he’d been spotted outside a jeweller’s shop at midnight in a Sid James mask, a striped top, and carrying a large sack marked with the word ÔSwag’. And it was such a simple question too. ‘Hello, dear,’ I’