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I so enjoy watching Sandy and some of the other neighbourhood dogs as they run around on the field together, chasing, playing, and sprinting back and forth. They clearly love it! And the more they run, rather than tiring, they seem to become even further energised. They aren’t running because they feel compelled to, or to lose weight, or to prove anything to anyone. They run for the sheer

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Operation Decapolis
5 CfaN Gospel Campaigns in 5 cities in 2 weeks! CfaN Bootcamp graduates and guest evangelists share testimonies of what God did in Tanzania nzania… … After one meeting had ended, I was heading back to our vehicle when people surrounded it and starte
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Passionate About Seeing People
I grew up in a Christian home. My dad died before I was 4. My mom was only 34 at the time. Although I knew Jesus as my personal saviour since the age of 5, the basic needs that only a father can provide to a child were not adequately met. I incurred
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About The Programme
While serving as a missionary in Senegal, the programme author, Paul Bramsen, saw the opportunity to build a bridge between the Old Testament prophets and the coming of Jesus Christ. He developed 100 radio programmes, 15 minutes each, that take the l