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after landing his first corporate job in the research and development team of Discovery in 2015, Dr Thomas Brennan became increasingly aware of the barriers preventing South Africans from investing their money to build wealth, rather than leaving it in the bank where it doesn’t grow as quickly, due to inflation.

He saw numerous financial advisers, but none lived up to his expectations. “Being a programmer specialising in machine learning, I would use the data they gave me to develop simulations of how their suggested investments would perform, including the ongoing fees. Most

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News In Numbers
“WE HAVE PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED THE ACCOUNT.” —Twitter stated that it has permanently banned Donald Trump’s account from its platform, citing the risk of the US president using the platform to incite further violence, following the storming of Capitol
Finweek - English3 min de lecture
Gold And Copper – Will Botswana Coin It?
when John Munro and Johan Ferreira were last employed in the SA gold sector, it could still claim a stake as an influence globally. National production in 2010 was just short of 200 tonnes, comprising about 8% of world production and making the count
Finweek - English3 min de lecture
Difficult Decisions Await Investors
investors are going to face difficult decisions in 2021 judging by the analyses and predictions of economists, investment gurus and others who traditionally have their say in January. Is there a boom period ahead for the world economy when business r