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FootJoy Stratos Shoe £159.99

he dream scenario for any golfer when it comes to footwear is a shoe that performs on the course but also looks at home away from it, as well. It means you don’t have to change models awkwardly in the car park before or after your round and you get much

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Sophia Popov
I had the tendency to be 50-50 on my left and right in my backswing, so I changed to having 70 per cent on my right side, which enables me to shift all my weight to the left side and move through the ball better in the downswing. That gives me more s
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Ben Hogan PTx Pro Iron £725
For those golfers considering investing in a set of Ben Hogan irons, the classic Icon model is understandably hard to ignore. But while its looks and feel might appeal, not every player wants the uncompromising blade-like performance of an iron like
Golf Monthly6 min de lecturePsychology
Why The World's Best Golfers Are Wearing Whoop
Wearable technology is huge in sport. In golf, one item in particular is rapidly catching on. Not only can wearing one benefit your golf, it can also significantly boost your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s called Whoop, a fitness and recovery tr