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SMART With Money
Slash mobile bills by opting for a SIM-only deal from as little as £4 a month, rather than paying for a contract and a fancy phone. Keep your old phone and just pay for calls, texts and data. Search for deals using websites, such as mobile phoneche
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Be Smart With YOUR SPACE
While open-plan living is still popular, architects are seeing a move towards ‘broken-plan’, which sees large open-plan spaces divided up into smaller, cosier zones. Corners and recesses will create natural zones in some open-plan areas, or you could
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CHANGE YOUR HAIR Change Your Life?
When Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge unequivocally declared ‘Hair is everything!’, women up and down the country nodded empathetically. Hair reaches far beyond simple aesthetics, and the colour of it can be a powerful statement. ‘A good hair colour, o