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Woman's Own1 min de lecture
Chilly But Silly
We’ve just come through the coldest February night for 25 years which, for older folk scared to put the heating on, has been a nightmare. But it does bring out the weird and the wacky, too. A friend has taken to microwaving his socks (at the same tim
Woman's Own4 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
Boost Your Brain Health
It's important that we keep training our brain, to keep it sharp, focused and working at its best. ‘If we tried to lift a 40kg dumb-bell without any training, it would hurt,’ says Gary Small, chair of psychiatry at Hackensack University Medical Cente
Woman's Own4 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
From eye health through to liver health, we all know that eating well – plenty of fruit and veg, a balanced and varied diet – is good for us. But what are the foods we should really be eating more of if we want to boost our health? Introduce these fo