Be the author of your story

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written get, then you must write it” TONI MORRISON

WHEN I LIST MY GOALS, I’m surprised by how often I hit the jackpot – like the first time I penned that I wanted to

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Psychologies3 min de lecturePsychology
“How Can I Motivate My Negative And Jaded Team?”
Hayley* had recently been promoted to a managerial position at work and finally had a team of her own. She told me that she was excited about building and galvanising the team, and was hoping to be a great leader. She had clear career goals for herse
Psychologies6 min de lecture
“ Mum Would Say ‘Do As You Would Be Done By… We’re All The Same’. That’s Carried Me Through Everything I Do ”
Watching Lorraine Kelly ricochet between heavyweight topics and light entertainment, a twinkle in her eye and in full command of the studio and a million viewers is exhilarating. In our new home-centric reality, her appeal on daytime TV is greater
Psychologies1 min de lectureArchitecture
Darling Buds Indoors
NOW IS A WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR to collect cuttings from the garden and ‘force’ the buds to bloom early in a vase. Many trees and shrubs lend themselves to this, such as cherry, magnolia, lilac, forsythia, willow (for catkins) and quinces, my persona