RELEASED OUT NOW! 392 pages | Hardback/ebook/audiobook

Author Jonathan Sims

Publisher Gollancz

house novel set in the mysterious Banyan is both social satire and a ghostly anthology.

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All The World’s A Stage
What’s it like doing comedy with dramatic characters? EO: It felt like I was in musical theatre camp and I was eight years old again! I was playing for laughs. I’m so used to trying to make things smaller that it was all about pushing myself to make
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Extra Time
Victor Pemberton and Bruce Stewart attempted an aborted revival in the mid–’90s (see SFX 328), to be shot in Australia in association with the Jim Henson Group. “I attended a meeting at the Henson office and it was lovely to see Bruce Stewart again–I
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Tell Me Moore
As Benson and Moorhead acknowledge, the work of comics writer Alan Moore is a key influence on Synchronic. The movie’s haunting image of a man caught in a wall echoes Moore’s take on time in graphic novel From Hell “There’s a panel where Jack the Rip