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Where do our charity dollars go?

When entertainer Celeste Barber set up her bushfire fund at the peak of the bushfires last year, she did it in the name of the Rural Fire Service (RFS). Her fund raised over $50 million for the charity,

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Need Paul’s Help?
Send your questions to: Ask Paul, Money magazine, Level 7, 55 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 or Sorry, but Paul can’t personally answer your questions other than in the Q&A column. By submitting your question to Money, you co
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What They Mean
Performance after investment fees. Investment returns after investment fees annualised to describe each fund’s returns per annum. But if your managed fund achieves a high return and charges you an extra “performance fee”, Rainmaker has not taken this
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Success Is No One-way Street
I believe there’s such a thing as momentum in life and business. Some people and businesses go on “rolls” where one success leads to the next. Their confidence is high and people and opportunities are drawn to them. Others – and surely you know a few