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Bronzini On…
‘The UCI really needs to help race organisers. Help all these people who want to hold a race for us and look at the scheduling of the race calendar. Sometimes we have a month full of races that we need to do so we have to double up. Then the next mon
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Keep It Wheel
Price TBC, If you’re scratching your head at the five-word name then don’t fret, because here’s a translation: Mavic is the brand, Cosmic means carbon in Mavic-speak, SLR is for racing performance (one rung below the flagship, Ultimate), 45
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Heart of Gold
Giorgia Bronzini is struggling to find the right words. Just moments earlier the 37-year-old had been talking full-gas (to borrow a phrase she uses frequently) while telling Cyclist the story of a 2015 race in Belgium that involved wind, rain, shatte