Amateur Gardening

Pruning vines and acers

WE have a young grape vine growing up a sheltered sunny wall and this year it produced its first ‘proper’ crop of grapes.

We should have thinned them out more thoroughly, but we

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Amateur Gardening5 min de lecture
Focus on… Sprouting Broccoli
IT’S something that gets us in an excitable frenzy when it’s in season, and yet few of us remember to sow this delicious vegetable in spring. A long-term commitment it may be, but why not sow some purple (or white) sprouting now? It’s sure to satisfy
Amateur Gardening1 min de lecture
How Long To Seeds Last?
■ How do we know whether last year’s leftover seeds can still be sown and grown successfully? ■ Most vegetable seeds remain viable (able to germinate) for at least a year. Some, such as cucumber, are good for five-10 years and tomato seeds stay fresh
Amateur Gardening2 min de lectureArchitecture
Chelsea Set For September
THANKS to ongoing coronavirus uncertainty, the RHS has decided to postpone the Chelsea Flower Show until September. The show, which would have taken place 18-23 May, has been moved to run from 21-26 September at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. Sue Big