HE IX3 REPRESENTS a significant reset for BMW’s electric car plans – and not only because it holds the distinction of being the first BMW model to be produced in China for export to key markets. It also dispenses with the earlier strategy that called for BMW’s electric models to be based on a dedicated aluminium structure called LifeDrive, as with 2013’s similarly named but largely unrelated i3. Instead, the new but familiarly styled electric

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Plus de Wheels

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L318235 WAS THE rarest VT Commodore ever made, a left-hand-drive SS powered by the punchy supercharged 3.8-litre V6, with a paint and interior trim combination that wasn’t available to the public when the car started down the assembly line at Holden’
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Three for The Road
REMEMBER VINYL? The LP record? Maybe you don’t. But just as digital formats have taken over the music world, so have new-age packaging and technology alternatives (yes, the SUV and hybrids) colonised the motoring landscape almost to an equivalent ext
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