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Do you know squat?

Ί used to work in a national high performance cycling program. We once had a workshop about human movement patterns. My entire department was in there and I think there was one guy who could squat. Everyone else had a version of a squat that wasn’t really a squat.’

Will Newton is an endurance sports coach who says his

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Want To Go PRO?
The PRO saddle range includes the Falcon (pictured), Turnix, Griffon and Stealth Sport, which are based on traditional saddle shapes but with elements taken from the latest data on pressure mapping of the contact point between rider and saddle. ‘When
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No ‘I’ In Team
It’s a little-known fact that a legalised brothel in Holland played a small but significant part in cycling history. The full details are recounted on the official web page of Club Diana, just beneath the section entitled ‘Our Mission: Seduce and Pam
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Cervélo S5
Why does the Cervelo S5 stand out for me as my favourite aero bike ever? Simple. I’ve categorically never ridden as fast as I did on this bike and, until it mysteriously got deleted, I had the Strava KoM to prove it. It happens the world over, I’m su