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Eyal Build A House Of Cards
IF YOU thought tech entrepreneurs don’t lie about their start-ups if they know how to work the system, you couldn’t be more wrong. While it may not be all of them, some do and among those is South African tech entrepreneur Eran Eyal. Eyal had it all:
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Zuma And His D Isrespect For The Law Must Be Dealt With
IN THABO Mbeki: the Dream Deferred, Mark Gevisser says former president Thabo Mbeki was worried that his successor, Jacob Zuma, vied for the ANC presidency as “a strategy to avoid prosecution” on his 783 charges, including corruption and racketeering
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Emfuleni Lashed Over Violations
THE SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has issued a scathing report in which it accused Emfuleni Municipality of violating a number of human rights, including human dignity, health care, food, water, social security and the rights of children. The SA