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Khao Taan - contemporary

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If we wanna carry the crown, we also must carry the responsibility. The thought of it is aesthetically beautiful; an army of entertainers, performance artists, restaurant- and club owners. Marching the streets to fight for the Berlin they chose to li
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Spiced Academy – A New Path For Djs
“My father is a music journalist who later became a web developer,” Ron says. His dad is British and moved to Berlin in the ’80s and started to work at Fritz Radio. “He was always very involved with music and the punk scene. I grew up with music, and
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Gloria Viagra Is Ready To Shine Again
Michel, also known as Gloria Viagra, has taken an involuntary break from the glamor and spotlight and works during the pandemic at a chocolate shop in central Berlin. “I miss to laugh, have fun and to feel free. To not have to think all the time. Jus