Military Vehicles

Rough Terrain Fork Lift

Some vehicle sightings along Vietnamese highways during the period of 1968-70 were neither weapons platforms nor transport vehicles. In fact, a common vehicle seen in many US Army convoys in Vietnam was the RTFL (Rough Terrain Fork Lift). Moving along at “convoy speed” of up to 30mph with is exposed operator tightly belted onto the

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M42 Duster On Display
Recovery of disabled tracked vehicles is a commonly required battlefield skill, but one which can be difficult to realistically train for in peacetime. On October 28, 2020, a team of Virginia Guardsmen from the Mobilization & Training Equipment Site
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Facebook Friends
We love to see and share photos of our readers’ HMVs. Here are few that appeared on our Facebook page. To see more, share your own photos or to simply “join the conversation,” log onto your own Facebook page and type “Military Vehicles Magazine” in t
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