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While you should use distilled water whenever possible to top off battery cells, the use of ordinary tap water won’t significantly shorten a battery’s life. Any water is better than letting the cells get low.

If wet cell battery plates are allowed to become dry, they lose whatever percentage of power the dried portion of the plates produced. In other words, if a battery’s cell plates are ten inches tall and one inch is allowed to dry out, ten percent of that cell’s power is lost. This is a permanent loss. Adding more water will not restore it.


While you should always carry spare fan belts in you HMV, an emergency replacement for a broken belt can often be made from bungee cord, especially the heavy black rubber type. If you have to use this replacement, keep the engine RPMs low until you can get somewhere to make the proper change.


Automobile polishing compound will clean your vehicle’s windshield and window glass of old crusted stuff, bug splats, and paint overspray. It also works on mirrors, reflectors and lenses of your head and tail lights. Car wax or Armor All will protect and preserve plastic lenses.


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