DIFFICULTY: moderate

TIME: half a day


♥ fish pictures on previous page♥ white cotton canvas♥ matching machine thread♥ fabric for lining♥ zip fastener (more or less the length you want your opening to be)

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Flower Power Cow
DIFFICULTY: medium TIME: 2–3 days ♥ diagrams on page overleaf♥ wood (we used beech)– 135mm x 135mm x 14mm thick (part 1)– 204mm x 120mm x 30mm thick (part 2)– 128mm x 30mm x 30mm (parts 3)♥ 3 glass test tubes with rim, 20mm x 150mm (35ml) (parts 4)♥
Ideas1 min de lecture
Mussel Bowls
TIP You can also use the shells as storage for small, loose items, or even as tealight candle holders.
Ideas3 min de lecture
Calm Instagram
When, in the middle of winter, I discovered the Instagram feed of the Chinese queen of creative, mindful videos under the name @cnliziqi, I had to stop myself from watching them for hours at a time. It’s obvious why Li Ziqi has become one of China’s