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Evergreen hard rocking Australian band AC/DC has risen from the ashes again with (alternatively titled ), their first studio album since 2014’s . It’s also the first since guitarist Malcolm Young’s passing in 2017. Young’s nephew Steve Young is now an integral member of the band, alongside regulars Angus Young, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams and Brian Johnson. Still as loud and vibrant as ever, AC/DC digs out the guitar riffs for ‘Shot In The Dark’, its lyrics

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Brisbane Truck Show - The Event Extravaganza
Don’t think for a moment that anything is being taken for granted with preparations for the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show. No stone is being left unturned to ensure that visitors to the Sunshine State have a healthy and safe experience. But if there’s any
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High And Mighty
Let us begin today’s lesson by breaking down the variations in truck class. Many of you are aware of the different truck classes, however allow me to remind you. You have your MR class, medium rigid. You have your HR class, heavy rigid. You then move
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Aiming At Soft Targets
IT’S MORE often than not that truck drivers, especially those doing long-haul, feel they have a target on their heads when it comes to the long arm of the law. One slight slip-up, such as a few minutes over in the logbook, and there goes a week’s wag