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“That truck ticks all the boxes; it has all the right stuff in it.”

Chicken parmigiana! Yes you read that correctly, I’ve just started a story on one of Australia’s coolest Kenworth’s with the words ‘chicken parmigiana’. No doubt you’re wondering why? Well, I guess that’s a fair question. It would make a really cool story if I was to BS you and say it’s been done on a dare, however I’m sure my editor would have already rewritten the intro if that was the case.

No, I’ve used those two words because I stumbled upon this standout truck while enjoying one of the best chicken parmigianas you could ever have! I know that’s a big call. Australians are pretty serious about many things: their footy, the Melbourne Cup, habitually losing to New Zealanders at rugby and their chicken parmigiana. So I don’t speak lightly when I say, sitting down at the Airlie Beach Hotel and enjoying a 400g parmy was unbelievable.

When I’d finished it (and you better believe I finished it), not only was I about two inches short of being perfectly round but I’d also managed to catch sight of a stunning 10 tonne

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