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The power of Positivity

AS HORSE OWNERS we are always looking for the best ways to train and care for our equine friends, and positive training techniques are becoming increasingly

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Your Horse1 min de lecture
Pilates For Hip Mobility
Pilates exercises help us all with our day-to-day activities, as well as riding, so I recommend you do lots of it. Without seeing you in person it is difficult to give you personalised exercises, but generally, I recommend you start by improving your
Your Horse2 min de lecture
Four Types Of Walk
A good walk displays even, active, rhythmical steps with impulsion. This is achieved through supple muscles, a swinging back and flexible joints. Energy is the final ingredient required for a good walk. There are four types of walk recognised within
Your Horse2 min de lecture
Bitless Bridles: The Options
A traditional Western bridle brought to America in the 1700s by the Spanish Vaqueros, the bosal hackamore consists of the bosal nosepiece, hanger and 22’mecate reins, traditionally made from horsehair. A bosal is made from rawhide braided around a ra