You have previously stressed that collaboration is an important element of the Tiaan Nagel brand. Can you tell us a bit more?

The premise of the brand has always been about working with like-minded people in a sophisticated way. So far, I

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DAWN BREAKS AT XIGERA, IN THE HEART OF THE OKAVANGO DELTA. The velvety-black night sky fades to midnight blue, and the first bird calls – a laughing dove. It’s closely followed by the liquid notes of a coucal, in turn interrupted by the raucous alarm
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Thing Can Be Just A Thing.
Pure functionality is its reason for being. Nothing wrong with that. But with some creative thought, the addition of considered aesthetics to basic useability transforms a thing into something more. That’s essentially what design is all about – and t
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17 The Masked Crusader
As a design student at Kaywon University of the Arts, I was upset to discover the minimal extent to which disposable face masks are recycled globally. (I’m told it’s because the recycling costs are too high.) It’s a problem that, until the Covid-19 p