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Q: I have a few related questions that hopefully the CMM staff or one of its readers can answer. I am at my wit’s end because if I ask any plating business all they want me to do is send them the items so they can do it and charge me! I had a low voltage copper plating bath set given to me. My questions are:

1. A rusty, pitted steel, headlight bowl from the 1960s – can I plate this

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics4 min de lectureAutomotive
Honda CBR600 F-R
Some of the best buys that I find are those that I don’t actively look for. This L-reg Honda CBR600 F-R passed through the local bike trade before ending up in my life. The initial dealer that took it in with a job lot of other bikes kept the good st
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Engine Parts List
– Updated late 2020! Cylinder head and nuts ✓ Full gasket and seal kit ✓ Conrod kit ✓ Main bearings and seals ✓ Piston and rings ✓ Small-end bearing and pin ✓ Gearbox bearings and seals ✓ Selector forks ✓ Selector shaft ✓ Kickstart shaft ✓
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min de lectureAutomotive
Happy Birthday Hoc!
2021 sees the Honda Owners Club GB hit the big 6-0, meaning they are actually older than Honda UK themselves by one year. Former president of HOC and one of the founder members, Pete Goodger, says: “I remember it well. It was in the Spring of 1961 an