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ave you ever wondered why your energy levels are sky-high one day, only to hit rock bottom the next? Or why you ooze with self-confidence at the beginning of the week, only to slip into a state of self-doubt as the days roll by? The moon is said to be like a mirror to our soul, governing all our experiences from joy to fear, sadness to anger. Our physical energy and emotions are in a constant state of change, which coincide with

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Woman & Home Feel Good You2 min de lectureBiology
If You Only Do One Thing
It’s rumoured that Cleopatra used to bathe in ass milk every day – and now it’s having a revival as a skin-boosting ingredient in a whole host of beauty products. ‘Donkey milk has been known throughout history as the star of cosmetics and promises gr
Woman & Home Feel Good You2 min de lecture
If You Only Do One Thing
If you suffer from a bad back, it could be down to a weak core. Stabilising and strengthening your core muscles is essential to keep healthy and strong every day. Your body is essentially lazy and will always take the easy option – so if your abdomin
Woman & Home Feel Good You7 min de lecture
2020 CHANGED MY LIFE (for the better!)
The pandemic has led to changes on a global level that we’ve never experienced before. As a result many of us have had to completely rethink our lives in the past year. ‘The only thing that’s certain in life is that it changes all the time,’ says psy