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Embrace the DARK SIDE

As the cold, wintry months stretch out ahead, it’s valid to approach them with a sense of doom. The days are dark, we’re living with restrictions and there are contagious viruses to contend with – from flu and common colds to the coronavirus.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Why not take lessons from the Nordic countries, and shift our perspective instead? Rather than wishing away the bleak monotony, instead we can embrace these months as a therapeutic time to heal and restore. Here’s how to make winter work for your body and soul.


We may have had enough ‘hunkering down’ to last us a lifetime, but shutting out the world, slowing down, and turning attention to ourselves, has its benefits. Winter hibernation allows for rebalancing, quiet contemplation and creative planning. And what’s to stop you getting outside? There’s evidence to suggest that our ability to cope with challenging outdoor conditions, comes down to outlook alone.

Researchers looked at the

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