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Where It All Began

There were several long moments as I stared alternately at the giant dune adorned with a giant monument and the mangled metal of my Mooney’s baggage door support, a folding bit of metal that holds the door open for loading and unloading. Its simple, over-center locking mechanism had been wrecked at my direction, as I asked Amy to close the door while I tied the plane down. Amy had never fully opened or closed the door, and I had nobody to blame but myself as I contemplated how to get the door closed.

There were two factors lending a sense of urgency to the mission: First, there were people watching. We’d just landed at a national monument, so there were plenty of people at the fence looking at the swiftest airplane parked on the ramp. Second, there was a gray giant of a raincloud overhead, and the bottom was minutes from falling out. A

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The First X Plane: Wright Model R
From the 1940s to the 1960s, the headlines were full of the exploits of the test pilots and the famous X planes. From the Bell X-1 and the North American X-15 to the North American XB 70, these planes were designed to fly faster, higher and farther.
Plane & Pilot6 min de lecture
One of the most exciting perks of this job is the opportunity to interview and sometimes fly with some of the most interesting people in the aviation community. In this instance, we’re talking about a legendary fighter pilot named Charles Yeager, kno
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Ghost Blimp
In August of 1942, a U.S. Navy L-8 blimp crash-landed in Daly City, California. What makes this a mystery, you may wonder? Its crew was nowhere to be found. It had been nine months since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the dust was far from