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aughing yoga is all about deep breathing and playful laughter and has been shown to have especially when it comes to stress. It also helps us form strong bonds with others.

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Pick Me Up3 min de lecture
On The Safe Side
Patting my chest and letting out a little cough, I was beginning to get frustrated. It was January 2016, and for the last few weeks, I’d had this pesky cough that just wouldn’t seem to go away. It wasn’t particularly bad, just annoying. And no matter
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Invite Sunshine!
Pantone have announced that the sunshine filled shade ‘Illuminating’ is one of their Colours of the Year! Stylist at Dobbies Garden Centres, Rebecca Stanton, shows how you can use this gorgeous yellow in your outdoor space. This yellow shade works gr
Pick Me Up4 min de lecture
15 – 21 April www.theastrologyroom.com Catch Claire live on Facebook 21 March–20 April The inspiration the new moon gave you last weekend helps you to continue with the things you would have given up on at the start of April. You receive contact from