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he increased accuracy and availability of DNA testing means personalisation will play an increasingly central role to the way we manage our health.

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Australian Men's Fitness1 min de lecture
Glucose And Performance
1. When consumed, all carbohydrates are converted to glucose, the body’s primary fuel source. 2. Glucose is first used for immediate fuelling demands, such as muscles and brain cells. But when it’s not needed it gets converted to its storage form, g
Australian Men's Fitness1 min de lecture
Give It Some Oof
Recovery footwear specialists OOFOS have released a new closed-toe option, the OOmg eeZee – which is more comfortable to wear than it is to pronounce. While you could be forgiven for confining these to the privacy of your own home, there are more imp
Australian Men's Fitness2 min de lecture
Tough It Out
All you need is a pair of dumbbells, six square-feet of floor space, and the following six-exercise circuit to start building the body of a champion. Hunter McIntyre, four-time Tough Mudder X champ and creator of at-home fitness app Openfit’s T-MINUS