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Africa’s Most Well-travelled Man
‘Our journey with the Defenders started in Kosi Bay, with the dipping of the calabash into the ocean,’ says explorer-humanitarian Kingsley Holgate. ‘We then followed the land border, tracing the outline of South Africa, visiting some of the most remo
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Watch Out When The Otter Bares Its Fangs
When you speed onto the Otter Trail from Storms River, an unconditional mauling awaits as you barge onto a menacing rock field just 2km beyond the start. Tidal surges, swathes of wind-whipped sea foam, slippery rock beds and leaps of blind faith litt
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Here’s A Tip
Remember to take time out and pause, even if it’s just once or twice, to stare in wide-eyed wonder at the incredible grandeur unfolding all around you. And then come back a year or two later and hike the Otter Trail so you can be truly enveloped in t