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Meg LaTorre

The Cyborg Tinkerer (Steampunk/space opera, November, iWriterly LLC)

“A circus competition. A tinkerer tasked with removing the losing cyborgs’ implants. Who is she to protect when she falls for both the handsome ringleader and the beautiful acrobat?”

New Jersey. I’d been writing fantasy for years and wanted a palate-cleanser. While I was working at a literary agency, I spoke to a colleague at a conference about something unrelated and the idea struck me. was born. I wrote starting in June 2018 and ending June 2020. That time frame includes working with three freelance editors to prepare the book for publication. This book is published through my company, iWriterly LLC. I’ve always wanted to be a hybrid author (to have books both traditionally and self-published). After a ton of research, I decided My first learning experience was how to self-publish a novel. From marketing to advertising to picking print-on-demand companies, there is a lot to wrap your mind around. I spent years learning as much as I could about how to write novels and what the publishing options are (including working at a literary agency and hosting a YouTube channel where I interviewed traditionally- and self-published authors). Taking time to educate myself helped me make the best decision for the publication of . I would spend less time worrying if a book was publishable when I was first writing novels. I wish I’d written more and worried less. My craft would have improved more quickly if I hadn’t been afraid to experiment more. I run the YouTube channel, iWriterly, which has more than 80,000 subscribers (as of November 2020). I create weekly how-to videos about novel writing and publishing. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing literary agents, librarians, editors, authors, and other industry professionals over the last four years. Start your author platform, but make sure writing comes first! It’s easy to get swept away in the immediate gratification of author platform tasks and lose sight of the stories we want to write (as they often don’t have the same immediate gratification).   is the first in a series. I plan to write and self-publish the second book. I’m also working on a fantasy romance.

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