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About the author... Anne Glenconner

She is a British aristocrat and was a close friend of the late Princess Margaret. Her memoir was a huge bestseller. Now 88, this is her first novel.

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Who Am I?
• I was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, in 1880. My childhood home is now a museum • I wrote 12 books and hundreds of essays on subjects from animal welfare to Mahatma Gandhi • I campaigned for people with disabilities, women’s suffrage, civil rights and
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly1 min de lecture
Book Club
Want to make When the Apricots Bloom your next book club read? Here are some talking points to kick off the discussion: • If you were in Huda’s position, how would you have responded to the orders from the secret police? Should she feel guilty for he
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly5 min de lecture
A Cup Of Tea With... JOY COWLEY
Joy Cowley is one of our most celebrated children’s authors and a recipient of the country’s highest honour, the Order of New Zealand. At 84, Joy is still writing, but no longer every day. Her main focus now is on caring for her husband Terry, who su