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Tick the box: the first month has come and gone without too many dramas! I for one am delighted that I can now officially say that I can smell the end of summer, just peeping her nose around the corner. I’m looking forward to the tasks I have planned
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MAURITZFONTEIN: the Story of a Karoo Garden
To many gardeners, the scale of the gardens at Mauritzfontein could seem overwhelming. Only the brave attempt to garden in the Karoo on this scale, 9 hectares, and only the fearless tackle the even more arid Nama Karoo. To landscape designer Arthur M
The Gardener Magazine2 min de lectureArchitecture
February Checklist
✓ Sweet peas can be sown at the end of the month. Prepare a trench for them alongside a fence or trellis, and add a lot of well-rotted kraal manure, compost, bonemeal and an organic fertiliser (Atlantic Bio Ocean) to the soil. The reason why a trench