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“As part of the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympics, satellites will launch a human-made

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How It Works1 min de lecture
Advanced Architecture
The construction of such a substantial structure during the Neolithic Period would have been much more strenuous with the limited technology of the time. How people were able to transport the materials and create a burial site that still stands tall
How It Works1 min de lecture
Keeping An Eye On Ice
The best way to keep tabs on how much of Antarctica’s ice is melting into the ocean is from space. Satellites such as NASA’s Ice Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) have discovered that the thickness of Antarctica’s ice has been thinned b
How It Works1 min de lectureChemistry
Superconductor In Action
At temperatures approaching absolute zero, the superconductor’s ions barely vibrate, forming a stable lattice. As a negatively charged electron makes its way through, the positively charged ions are attracted into its path. This bend in the lattice c