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Looking into the future

SUALLY in early January, I look into the future, but not having foreseen the mid-March lockdown and its implications, my last January forecast was a bit inadequate, to say the least. What is pretty certain is that the coming gardening year

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Amateur Gardening
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Ask John Negus
John will reply personally to all your gardening questions every week Q I have recently removed a dwarf willow that had died. Can you suggest a few dwarf trees/shrubs to replace it? The area is south facing & measures 3ft x 3ft (1m x 1m). It is a rai
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1884 The World’s Oldest Gardening Magazine 2021
“I find it fascinating when gardeners voice their dislike of specific plants and there will be many reasons, both emotional and horticultural, why they feel that way. However, I am always surprised when someone says they dislike dahlias, because I wo