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Looking into the future

SUALLY in early January, I look into the future, but not having foreseen the mid-March lockdown and its implications, my last January forecast was a bit inadequate, to say the least. What is pretty certain is that the coming gardening year

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Ask Anne!
Q We have overwintered some potted dark-leaved aeoniums, but they are tall with leaf rosettes at the tips and they keep falling over. Can we prune them and get them to branch? Bernie Micklewright, Hales, Norfolk A The attractive succulent that you de
Amateur Gardening3 min de lecture
Check Your Priorities
IF spring stays dry and there is little rain through summer, gardeners will have to start prioritising where they use their water. If you are growing fruit and vegetables, they need plenty of water for healthy growth, flowering and to swell the devel
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Divide A Globe Artichoke
GLOBE artichokes are the giants of the garden. Like their cousin the cardoon, they tower over everything else, architectural members of the thistle family with tough grey-green leaves and, if you don’t eat their buds, beautiful, huge purple flowers t