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The World Coin News club show and commercial events calendar is a guide to events with a focus for world-coin collectors. Domestic events scheduled up to 10 weeks in advance of the issue date and foreign events up to six months in advance are listed. Abbreviations used: “A” – Admission charge; “T” – number of tables; “F” – Table fee; “N/A” – not available. Other data required for submitting a listing: name and address of show site, and name and address of bourse chairman or other contact person.

PO Box 44, Magnolia, DE, 19962. John, PH: 610- 937-0332 or Ed, PH: 215- 275-1569 or johnbach@


Jan 3 IL, Collinsville. 62nd Annual Coin Show. American Legion Hall, 1022 Vandalia Ave.. SH: 9am - 4pm. SP: Dupo Coin Club. A: Free. T: 36. F: 1/$50,2/$90. James Addington, P.O. Box 311, Mascoutah, IL, 62258. PH: 618- 407-1994 or or www.MetroEastCoinCurrencyClub. com.

Jan 7-10 FL, Orlando. 66th Annual FUN Convention. Orange Cty. Convention Center, West Bldg. WA1 & WA2, 9800 International Dr.. SH: Thurs.-Fri. 10am - 6:30pm; Sat. 10am - 5:30pm, Sun. 10am - 3pm. SP: Florida United Numismatists. A: Free. Cindy Wibker, PO Box 471147, Lake Monroe, FL, 32747-1147. PH: 407-321-8747 or or

Jan 9 OH, Broadview Heights. Cleveland Coin Expo. St. Michael’s Woodside , 5025 Mill Rd.. SH: 9am - 2pm. A: free. John. PH: 440- 503-7427 or 

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