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What Gt Loves This Month
Here at GT, we’re firm believers that a table just isn’t complete without some artfully draped napery. And we’re loving this quirky and colourful collection from Australian designer Liz Ellis. We’re instant converts to this new susta
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Central Otago NEW ZEALAND
Samantha is a sommelier, writer and wine consultant. @sl_payne A kind of ethereal magic lingers in the air when you walk through the vineyards of Central Otago. There’s a reason Lord of the Rings was filmed there. It is almost as if the land is imb
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The Kitchen Garderner Pears
As autumn wears on in the colder parts of the country, one of my favourite fruits is ready for harvest: the pear. As a boy I used to resent seeing pears in the bowls of chopped fruit given to us in school, as it seemed like we were being deprived of