With the gardening boom expected to continue into 2021, my goal is to place my seed, plant and bulb orders as early as possible. I’m

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Horticulture7 min de lectureBotany
Foul-weather Friends
They’re with us all year, but evergreen conifers call for some extra praise in winter, when their color, texture and form prove invaluable. They’re the sparks of light in a bleak landscape. These plants belong to a number of different genera from var
Horticulture7 min de lectureArchitecture
Jimmy Turner
A TRANSPLANT from Dallas by way of Australia, Jimmy Turner arrived in Salt Lake City in March 2020. His leadership of the University of Utah’s Red Butte Garden began in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, but he is optimistic for the present and futu
Horticulture5 min de lecture
Testing, Testing
EVERY TABLESPOON of healthy soil contains billions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that are critical to growing healthy plants. But how do you measure soil health when microbes are too small to see? Here are five simple tests that work as well